I'm soldiering through a horrid sinus infection right now (and in the midst of studying for two mid-terms this week), so this isn't a real post because (1) I sneeze every ten seconds and (2) my eyes are too runny to see the screen (Yes, this is a pity plea. I'm not ashamed:-).), but rather a place holder so I can be held accountable to write about some wonderful things that have been a part of my life recently:

Francis Collins speaking on faith and science at Park Street Church
the Great Power Outage of 2010 and why it was the best thing to happen to Gordon
Ferrin lady RAs sleepover and how awesome I've become at painting nails
Olympic Curling and the Norwegian team's awesome pants
the next place you should go to eat ribs (hint: saddles and PEANUTS)

Grace and peace.