vonderful goot friends

I realized this past week that I've been incredibly blessed in my friendships, this break proving one full of love and laughter, two of the most important things in my little world. Some snippets of how I spend my time:
I was sitting at home on Wednesday night when my best friend Kaitlin called with an invitation to use a gift card to go go-karting. Bored, I eagerly accepted the invitation, and joined her family and some friends in an impromptu drag-racing challenge. We drove to a race course a little ways away and found ourselves shaking in our kart seats as we prepared to race on a very slippery indoor track, and ten minutes after the green flag let us begin we stumbled back out of our tanks with shaky legs, all of our party having spun out multiple times--each spin-out warranting the fabled "black flag" that noted our sins--and grateful to have survived. Drag racing on the Utah salt flats has now been inked onto my bucket list.Thursday night some of my best friends and I co-hosted a New Year's Eve party. We cooked spaghetti and meatballs, blew up balloons (I made mine too large, and so every so often one would unexpectedly pop, scaring us out of our minds), and chatted until 1:00 am when we decided to take a walk in the freshly fallen snow. I've never been much into New Year's celebrations, but I never find time moving too slowly when enjoying good food and good company.
Friday evening I went to coffee with a friend at a local Starbucks. I had never been to this particular one before, but it is now my favorite, with a second floor full of comfy couches facing a humongous window that gave us a front-row seat to a gorgeous sunset. As we talked about God and life--she gave birth to a beautiful girl in March--we found great joy in caramel mochas and good friendship.
Saturday afternoon my mom decided to recreate The Olive Garden, a local Italian restaurant specializing in soup/salad/breadstick combos. She invited over some of my favorite people--the Garretts, a wonderful family we've known for years--and we eagerly dug into carrot and clam chowder soups, catching up on the year that had passed since our last joint shindig. While the adults (I still absent myself and claim "child" status at times) chatted, my brother, sister and I engaged Stephen and Bryan, the two Garrett kiddos, in a heated game of Dutch Blitz, and while Stephen beat us soundly in both of the rounds we played, the competitive nature we share made for a gloriously fun experience.

May your breaks bring similar joy, and may you find love in similarly simple places.