Night at the Wills': Attempt at Mad Gab

It's become an annual event--the sleepover at Kaitlin Wills' house. Even though we're growing older and supposedly more mature, we take joy in our ritual, grateful for the guaranteed "get together," which is actually how we phrase it when explaining to curious onlookers at the grocery store. Once every winter break, as we've done for the past three years, my friends Meagan, Christina and I lug too much over to Kaitlin's house and blow up air mattresses and take over her family's TV room. Armed with bags of Smartfood, Ruffles and bottles of Diet Coke, we sat under fleece blankets and hooked Kaitlin's laptop up to a projector and huge speakers and watched "Up," "The Proposal" and "Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian"--all on the makeshift silver screen of her family room wall. "Up" was the best movie I'd seen over the summer, so I was glad to revisit the commentary on growing older with some kindred spirits. "The Proposal" was actually filmed around Gordon, so my friends (who had visited me at Gordon over the summer) and I squealed in excitement as we pointed out places in Rockport and nearby Singing Beach where we had walked just months after the camera crews had left. In between movies we battled it out over MadGab, saying phrases faster and faster and in higher and higher pitches until answers came to us out of nowhere--for some reason not keeping score makes us more competitive... In the morning a snowstorm hit our area, and Kaitlin, whose dad partly runs a plowing company, took us all out on a blustery adventure, clearing parking lots and driveways before heading home. That night I decided to walk around my neighborhood, and was amazed at how clear the night sky was so soon after it had dumped its every ounce on us. The stars were out in full force, and I started thinking about this coming semester. It will most likely be my last as an RA; as a senior I am hoping to move into a wonderful apartment and have a kitchen with which to welcome people, so it will be bittersweet. But my personality remains excited
to invest in whatever comes my way regardless--be it museum exhibits that come alive, or simply growing up.

The picture to the right is of one of my cats, Brutus, quite incorrectly using his playhouse. He is a very strange cat.