flakes ahoy!

I'm not sure what exactly counts as an irresponsible start to a semester, but the first few days back at school always involve wanting to spend more time with friends than books. On the first day of classes my roommate Anna and I went out to breakfast at Stephy's, a local and DELICIOUS little diner, which was a wonderful way to kickstart the semester. Yes, classes began on Wednesday, and so did Nerts Nights. A variation on Dutch Blitz that is played with normal 52-card decks, my floor took to competitive matches with unparalleled enthusiasm. Mixing seven or eight decks and bringing our most intimidating game faces to the ring, we don't keep score, but we still throw our cards into the middle of our energetic circles as if our very lives depend on our wins. My floor acquired three new members for the Spring, as we had some dearly loved residents leave for study abroad experiences. Anna, Christine and Angela are all art majors, and a study trip to Panera on Saturday found us splitting a loaf of ciabatta bread and discussing the role of Christianity in art and culture (I'm reading a book called "But Is It Art?" for a class and was eager to dissect its theories with experts in the field), and whether we excuse some things "for the sake of art" or whether everything is truly permissible. I love good conversation and try to stir it up whenever I can, and to find such ready conversant spirits was a wonderful surprise. I've also caved into a coffee-drinking habit, and the gift of a French Press for Christmas ensures that I have plenty of wonderfully-flavored
drinks to offer visitors, of which I've had many these past few days. Last night, Sunday, a huge snowstorm started to lend its cold flakes to the campus, and some friends and I ran around the quad, lobbing snowballs at each other and eating as much as we could. School is out on
Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr. day, so my floor is spending part of the night at a nearby furniture store, Jordan's, which also houses an ice cream place and a water lights show. Massage chairs and ice cream--a perfect start to the week.