of farms and friends

Saturday morning Ferrin Hall woke up earlyish, piled in cars and headed to Fellows Farm for a service project. Fellows Farm is a small, community-sustained project run by two Gordon grads who saw a need for local and sustainable crops in the community. Investors pay a certain amount for a share of the land, and in return receive a portion of the crops at the end of the growing season. We pulled into the driveway and were welcomed with smiles and joy, as our group of 15 could do much more in one day than Amy and Erika, the owners of the farm, could do in many. We were soon set to work clearing an overgrown bed, which consisted of pulling out basil plants (ah, what a glorious smell!) and other weeds and tilling it. We were then taught to plant garlic, which stays in the ground over the winter. I volunteered with a couple of other brave souls to shovel manure onto a compost pile, ensuring a good supply of nutrient-rich soil for spring farming needs. I love the smells of farms, and that there is an echo of ages past, of simpler lives, just down the road is a wonderful reminder that the good life is not all that far away. Blessings as this November begins!