welcome home!

While I’m still two years shy of graduating, I’m coming to terms with the fact that I won’t always live in the amazing area that is Boston’s North Shore, so I’m trying to soak up all this area has to offer, and those wells are proving deep and full. On Thursday my roommate and I found our way to a Salvation Army thrift store and browsed to our hearts’ content. My findings? Comfy jackets, colorful sweaters and a pair of boots with fuzz on the outside. I love thrift stores and the leftovers of other lives, and the low price tags certainly help me survive on a budget. Last Sunday I went to the Topsfield Fair with some friends, the oldest in America at 191 years. I was able to go last year and see the world’s largest pumpkin and eat some of the world’s best fries—soaked in vinegar. Quite the treat!
Life on campus is just as exciting, though. Some of my girls hosted a movie night on Friday, and so we crammed into a room and laughed and sang our way through Aladdin, coloring books in lap and colored pencils in eager hand. This past weekend was homecoming, and it was wonderful to meet alums and hear their stories, to catch up with old friends and make new ones. We were treated on Saturday night to “255 Grapevine,” a variety show featuring faculty, staff and students singing country songs, dueling on pianos, acting in skits and telling stories. My personal favorite was a STOMP-inspired choreographed piece using brooms, volleyballs, whistles and cans to create sound and rhythm. The audience even got to use pencils found in our welcome bags to create the sound of rain! It was a wonderful night, and I hope it happens again next year. Welcome home to Gordon!