Pumpkin lovin'

I absolutely love Fall! The reds, oranges and yellows are out in full force, and even though we had a freak snowstorm last week, I’m still glad that winter is a ways off; I’m not ready to pull out my warm jacket yet. Celebration of Fall involves pumpkins, right? My friend David recently opened an art studio in the small coastal lobstering town of Gloucester, and one of his main efforts is to reach the community with affordable and accessible art projects and classes. This past Saturday he hosted a pumpkin carving contest, and so my floor went in and spent the day scooping out pumpkin guts and throwing the seeds and strings at each other. After we finished carving our pumpkin, we wandered around Gloucester as we had some time to wait before the pumpkins were to be judged for prizes. The small stores and festive decorations of the quiet streets give the town a quaint feel, as though this is a place that doesn't want to be reproduced, that it wants to exist outside of time, and for all sorts of people. Hungry, we found our way to a wonderful little Italian restaurant and stuffed ourselves full of the most delicious pizza and bread and salad I’ve ever tasted. One of my girls brought warheads along, so we dared each other to eat as many of the sour candies as we could before resorting to ridiculous facial expressions. Many laughs later, we left quite contented, and returned to the pumpkin contest just in time to hear the announcement of the winners. To our great delight, my floor’s pumpkin (photo of the group above) won second place, which had an attached price tag of an impressive $75! We’re excited to use it towards a fun floor activity, and our pumpkin as a token fall floor decoration. I love the surprises this season brings. Blessings!