On making a home

With a rather intense week of Resident Advisor training squarely under my belt and the 2009-2010 school year already well underway, I can proudly say I've been prepped and readied to return to service in Ferrin Hall, my wonderful home for the past two years. Ferrin has served me well, and will serve me well for a third year, I’m sure; the community bathrooms, straight hallways and communal lounges all lend something special to the residence life experience. I'm blessed to be serving with and on a superb staff; the training process has molded us into a close group of friends, and the enthusiasm that flows from their hearts and minds is invigorating.
The resident advisor role is at times a bit nebulous: I am equal parts events coordinator, spiritual mentor, academic advisor, mom, sister, friend...the hats are many, and they change often. But I've been called first and foremost to be faithful to the Lord, to serve Him, and have every other action and word be of the overflow of that love, and I’ve only seen that produce good fruit so far; we’re currently in the throes of an “open door war,” where the RA on charge for the night tallies up the number of open doors on each floor; at the end of the quad the floor with the highest percentage will have earned a tidy sum of money, which my floor hopes to win and put towards floor shirts. My residents have appointed “door police” to patrol the floor to such an end, and so far, I’m excited to report, we’re in the lead. Feeding off such energy is exhilarating, and I’m only more encouraged to love and serve these amazing women. To life!

By way of introduction

My name is Nicole Naude, and I’m excited to serve as an admissions blogger for the 2009-2010 school year! A current resident of Trumbull, CT, this is my third year at Gordon, and so I’m eager to explore this medium of communication from the perspective of one in the middle of my experience here. As my roles on Gordon’s campus are varied, the shape and voice of this blog will likely change from entry to entry. As a Resident Advisor, I serve a wonderful group of 28 students ranging from freshman to senior. My floor is as wonderful as they come, and the girls I serve will undoubtedly become a huge inspiration for my posts. As a Teaching Assistant for a freshman seminar course called “The Great Conversation,” I aim to spark thoughtful conversation and deliberation and questioning about the relationship between Christianity and the world at large. As a junior student of Biology and Philosophy, I seek to engage the world critically and thoughtfully, from the earnest perspective of a follower of Christ eager to understand and learn about His grand creation.
To distinguish me from my fellow bloggers, you might be interested to know that I am an avid Sherlock Holmes fan and have read all of his adventures; he’s proved a worthy companion on many a car ride.
I’ve been asked to provide a sort of thesis or title for this blog, and while I’m apt to want to change this as often as the sun rises (in my typical indecisive fashion), I’ve settled on a verse from Galatians that, hopefully, will be a telling theme for my life this year: “…for in Christ, the only that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” Faith expressing itself through love…a good endeavor AND a good title, in my opinion.